Review from Chris Amuzzini

Like a few of you reading these reviews, I am/was a first time home buyer. Upon interviewing several real estate agents, I quickly discovered that the scarcest and, therefore, most valuable attributes are sincerity and a willingness to listen. And I am happy to say that Luciano fully embodies both of these essential qualities.

Many other agents whom I interviewed were quick to tell me that I could afford a more expensive home than what I said was my price range. Although, I explained that I understood that while many people (admirably) invest every free dollar they have into their home, this was not the tactic for me – as travelling and other hobbies are important to me. Upon hearing this many realtors were surprisingly condescending – saying I would be naive to not invest every dollar I have into these low interest rates – and as you may find out, they simply refused to hear what I was telling them. Luciano was incredibly attentive and adaptive to however I wanted to approach the process: when I was the casual ‘window shopper’, he made small, informed suggestions about potential places to see and did not pressure me with the conventional scare tactics of saying ‘prices are only going up; every day you don’t make a decision, you’re losing money’, – and when I found the place I loved, he was aggressive and communicative. He put together the offer at a moment’s notice and promptly returned my phone calls and e-mails.

During the second showing of the house I purchased, I brought along an acquaintances who ‘flips’ houses for a living (and therefore has worked with dozens of agents). He made a point to comment on Luciano’s sincerity, knowledge, and professionalism.

I know many of you see these as just words, but one defining moment of Luciano’s character is when a competing offer was reported to have come in a few hours after mine, several of my friends and family members told me to increase my offer, just in case. And although I am comparatively quite rational, you’re emotions inevitably become tangled in the process and, against my better judgment, I was beginning to entertain the idea of increasing my offer. I told Luciano what I was thinking about doing, and this would have been a great opportunity for him to (A) further manipulate my emotions and get me to pay more than what I would objectively pay – thus increasing his commission and (B) ensuring that he could ‘turn me’ as a client and begin working with someone else. But he did neither, and advised me to stick to my strong offer; the end result was that I got the place I wanted for the price I wanted. Unlike so many Luciano is not focused on the monthly ‘bottom line’ and his primary garner genuine respect and rapport with his clients.

Simply put, he is the perfect person to have on your side during this irrevocably time consuming, emotional, stressful – yet ultimately rewarding process.