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Review from John Gebauer

Without hesitation, I would turn to Luciano for any future sales or purchases.

Review from Chris Amuzzini

Simply put, Luciano is the perfect person to have on your side during this irrevocably time consuming, emotional, stressful - yet...

Review from Stephen Ritchie

I would highly recomend Luciano to my friends and family. And to boot, he is a great guy, professionally as well as personally.​

Review from Trina Owens

Luciano spent a lot of time with us ensuring that we purchased the right home for our family.

Review from Chris Ray

Luciano showed us six homes in one afternoon. He even included some homes we had not asked to see - which was great because he...

Review from April Hanlon

Luciano is the type of agent who cares more about his clients.

Review from John Celesk

Luciano did a fantastic job helping us negotiate the purchase price of the home.

Review from Diane Catherman

Luciano provided us with the utmost professionalism and demonstrates vast knowledge of the market.

Review from Kate O’Brien

Luciano was helpful and knowledgeable during the whole process.

Review from Donna Perham

Luciano is a person of honesty and integrity, and I would highly recommend him in either the buying or selling process.

Review from Holly Skipper

We feel so lucky that we found Luciano to guide us through our home buying process.

Review from Dan Shinnick

Luciano went beyond the call of duty

Review from Terry Castro

Luciano knows the tricks and trade 2 get u the home u need for the right price.​

Review from Cory Imperato

Luciano was perhaps the best thing about the home buying process.

Review from Oded Kraus

Luciano is a true real estate professional and our experience with him was absolutely outstanding.

Review from Joe Curran

He truly knows his stuff. He was steadfast, courteous, prompt and extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire process.

Review from Ivo Tafua

He is an honest guy in the business and also has experience

Review from Alexis Silva

He made the whole process run smoothly for us and were happy to have him by our side.

Review from Koichi Murata

Very efficient, professional, and connected - I highly recommend Luciano.​

Review from Max Modugno

Luciano was diligent and amply accommodating in his professionalism and eagerness to complete this sale.

Review from Chris Naugle

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their property.​

Review from Meaghan Ford

I always felt taken care of and extremely important in my dealings with Luciano.

Review from Rob Tarallo

Luciano was available whenever needed and was responsive to all requests and questions.

Review from Brian Young

Luciano is a responsive and professional realtor.​

Review from Tony Amenta

His only mission is to make his clients happy!

Review from Phi Pham

With Lou's guidance we are now living in our dream home!

Review from Peter Orlando

Luciano totally understands the market and I feel offered me the best advice!